Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Postscript AKA Barbie Gone Wild!

I couldn't help adding a few more pix... it was like a glorious treasure hunt! Yippee!  Collect them ALL!

Finding these "inspirational" source materials was really quite easy. Barbie collectors tend to be methodically organized.  All it took was one dress that screamed "Queen of Hearts"...  NOW I'll get back to the studio,  Merry Christmas!

Scarlett O'Hara Barbie

Victorian Lady Barbie

Promenade in the Park Barbie


  1. people like you really do give artists a bad name. you are the problem with the art world, thinking you invented everything and trying to knock down others that are more interesting and successful than you are. people really do see the difference. you are a disgrace and I have lost all respect for your "work".

  2. meh.
    give artists a bad name?
    a bad name?!
    you are really kind of silly.

    --gina provolone

  3. kind of silly indeed - if art could give art a bad name, i'd sign up for that in a heartbeat -

  4. PS - i like the mart - i mean, maybe eventually people could buy the mart work at k-mart or wal-mart, it's very apt, very apropos

    but really, i, for one, don't believe in any generic conglomerate - there are some people that work because they need to (like tia, whose work is beyond identity, generic or otherwise), and there are others who want to belong - belonging, to me is the root of random house, of harpers, or penguin, it's the root of the corporate